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Our mission

Assist Individuals, Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Start-Ups, and companies intending to undertake the internationalization process in the countries in which we operate, protecting them from risks and fraud, and safeguarding their interests with careful legal support , and human trait.

Guarantee an exclusive and personalized relationship to our customers wherever they are and accompany them in every single phase of their project, whether it is life or business-related, always moving in full respect of privacy and professional ethics.

We believe that in a welcoming environment, through attentive listening and a fervent imagination, the most ambitious projects can develop and be completed.

Avv. Ana Maria Duverge - Founder and owner of the firm

Our history

Lawyer Ana Maria Duverge

The only lawyer in Italy with degrees in Italy, the Dominican Republic and Spain.

In 2011 Atty. Ana Maria Duverge founded the Duverge International Law Firm with the aim of providing complete assistance to natural persons, Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Start Ups in the area of ​​international business, offering each one a unique and confidential treatment.

The main objective of the Law Firm is to guarantee and protect the interests of clients, whether they are Italian, Spanish and Dominican entrepreneurs who wish to move for business, operate and invest in a foreign country or foreign clients wishing to operate on the Italian market, giving them legal support, but also human, both in the out-of-court and in the judicial phase, and offering assistance and advice in the conception, planning and development phases of international business initiatives.

Furthermore, the lawyer Duverge, having significant experience in the art of negotiation, in alternative dispute resolution techniques (ADR) and in the conduct of negotiations in general, in many cases and if he deems it necessary, personally follows and supports his clients directly in the foreign country, until the conclusion of the deal.

The Firm has its own international network of expert professionals who regulate operations in Italy, the Dominican Republic and Spain, accompanying their clients in all phases of the operation up to the conclusion of the business, ensuring complete and personalized assistance.

Finally, the experience of the Duverge Law Firm guarantees global, targeted and fast assistance for the achievement of objectives in the shortest possible time, taking the pride of providing the client with the security and tranquility of a trusted interlocutor, guaranteeing technical excellence and complete consultancy in the various areas of business law.

Areas of activity

The Firm is able to provide judicial and extrajudicial assistance in the matters indicated, ensuring clients a service at the highest qualified levels.

We are experts in more than nine areas.

The reason for our success

Our values

There are essential values ​​on which we, both as people and as professionals, build our work, and they represent the pillars of our strength, in order to obtain our results


Honesty and Passion


Commitment and Tenacity


Seriousness and Privacy


Welcome, Availability and Imagination


Trust and Strength



International experts in every sector

Italy, Spain and the Dominican Republic